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You said Yes! Now everything else will fall in to place?

Picture courtesy of our KD Bride Leigh who got married in 2014

First to book your consultation with me, email the studio info@kirsty-doyle.com to arrange your first sit down to discuss your dream dress. 
Your consultation is completely free of charge, I will book out an hour to go through every inch of your dream dress. Bring along who you wish, if this is a big party of family and friends to remind you every little detail, no problem! But if you want to keep this look a secret then keep it to me, you and the four walls. At your consultation it is really helpful for me to see exactly what is going on inside your head so bring a long any tear sheets, magazine cut outs and sketches (no matter how basic they might be.)
At the appointment we will go through designs, fabrics, time scales and budgets. I need to know as much as I can so I can make a realistic statement of account.
When you receive your statement of account this is when you confirm the order, the statement will include the style notes discussed at the consultation but these are open to change later on in the fittings and the price of your gown.
Your first fitting is your toile dress, a mock-up version of your dream dress in cotton. This is to perfect the silhouette and shape of your gown. As the fitting process develops over weeks/months each design stage of the gown is discussed from fabric to finishings.
The final fit can be as close to your big day as you wish, we can then pack the dress if you are a destination bride or deliver the dress on your big day if you are in the north-west.
The cherry on top of this wedding cake is that I will be there on the morning of your wedding day. I will steam and prepare the dress, assisting the photographer in taking some last minute pictures of your gown. Finally, I always try to allow half an hour to take the bride to one side and assist her in putting on the dream dress. This is the moment we have worked towards, all of the fittings, perfecting the look, they are all focused on this moment.
The next steps are always the most memorable, the first time the father of the bride sees her or the train being adjusted by your bridesmaids. The months of hard work making each detail perfect is all worth it. 



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