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I’ve been developing the idea of a kimono as a statement piece in the Kirsty Doyle collection. I became set on this particular piece because it’s so versatile. It can dress up or dress down an outfit, can be worn on a night out, casual day or even on the beach as a cover-up. I found a 1950’s vintage pattern for a loose fitted jacket and changed it to make the sleeves wider and make it longer so that it almost touched the floor. This added more glamour to the style and it looked great made up with a belt around the waist. We decided it would be a good idea to include this piece somewhere in the shoot.

I started the day by cutting and making the statement kimono from the tribal print fabric to match the previously made wide leg trousers. I only had a couple of hours to do this before the models arrived for the shoot, but I loved working with a bit of pressure! It made me realise how much can get done in such a short space of time.

I got the piece finished in time for the shoot and it was amazing to see it on the model Carly. It looked fab styled with the black bodycon dress and it’s given me loads of ideas for how I can adapt the pattern in different ways to make the sleeves more dramatic and add details in places. Also different colour ways and prints that could be used. Seeing the kimono styled on the model gave me an idea of adapting the pattern block to maybe make a wrap dress.

I think it’s really inspiring when people are involved in the shoot because everyone had their own ideas of what accessories worked best with each outfit. Sometimes people suggested things you wouldn’t initially think would work, but when they are put together look amazing.

In the afternoon, me and Lyn went outside with model Beth to shoot the rose gold sequin trousers. I haven’t been involved in many outdoor shoots so this was a great thing to experience. The trousers looked even more glam in the sunshine and really shone against the brick wall background. I think they look great styled with the grey jumper on these street style shots.

After shooting in the studio, we went to Love Thy Neighbour on Bold Street as they let us use the basement space to take photos of some of the outfits. We decided to focus mainly on the mint green sequin trousers and mini skirt because these looked so glam especially with the neon lights and the palm tree wallpaper. These photos worked really well and it was the perfect space to shoot in especially for these outfits.

I couldn’t believe how much we actually got done in the end from making the pieces, doing make up and hair vlogs, shooting outside, in the studio and on location. It was a bit chaotic at times trying to fit all the outfits in but I enjoyed this and sometimes think it’s the best way to work and push yourself. I also find it really rewarding seeing something I made in the photoshoot.

- Sarah Jones


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