KD Girl of the Week

Meet Samantha, a busy working mom who travelled all the way from London to be part of our 'Every Girl is a KD Girl' campaign. She is a mommy to cute baby Harlow who is two years old and was also part of our campaign.

After we shot our campaign, we caught up with Sam to hear her thoughts on fashion, life as a working mom and what it was like to be a KD girl and be part of our campaign. 

What made you apply for the KD Girl Campaign?

I know this probably sounds so cliche but I have genuinely been a fan of Kirsty Doyle for such a long time. I applied on the very last day and just threw my feelings into an email of how her clothes have given me some confidence back after having my little girl. As I’m sure all mamas can relate, your body changes so much during and after pregnancy and some days I just feel “urgh”. Kirsty’s clothes help me feel like the old me. I can feel stylish and sexy but most importantly “classy” because let’s be honest after a baby we all question our old wardrobe and think “can I wear this? I’m a mum now”.

Your top KD picks for KD Mommy and KD mini?

You just can’t go wrong with the Black Stretch Flares. They can be dressed up with a heel or down with a trainer and hoody (I need versatility in my wardrobe because all of my wages are spent on the little lady). KD Roxy Top, which again in white is my absolute go-to. I am yet to wear this out without being asked where it is from!

As for the KD mini range, I see tulle skirts very much as “occasion wear”. For Harlo’s first birthday she wore a pink tulle for her party and hopefully thanks to Kirsty she will be wearing tulle skirts even for her 18th birthday.

What makes you feel like an absolute boss momma?

It's in the little things. Daily routine, sometimes I sit and look at what I have achieved in one single day and I'm not entirely sure how I fit so much in. But we just do it and it is not until you sit back and allow yourself to chill out that you realise we are boss mommas. Might as well dress like one haha!!

Your best piece of advice for a working mom? 

Preparation is key! From lunch boxes to what you want to wear for the day (child included). In order to allow yourself that snooze button and still look the part, simply plan the night before.

What did you enjoy most about the KD Girl Campaign?

Meeting Kirsty and all of the other KD girls. Everyone was complimenting each other with every outfit change and it was genuinely because everybody looked so good. And of course, taking part in a photo shoot with my little girl. I never thought we would be standing in front of the camera with a fabulous group of girls behind the camera singing “baby shark” to get the perfect shot. But honestly, the message behind this campaign is Empowering and the high street brands should take notes!

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