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If you ever have an appointment at the KD studio, you might see a couple of people bustling about in the background, that might be us, the KD Interns; Niamh and Heather!

In the KD studio, there are a few interns working to get experience and insight into the world of fashion. On Thursdays and Tuesdays, we do some embroidery and embellishment for all the amazing wedding dresses that Kirsty designs for her brides. Brides can be very specific on what they want, as they should be! So we try to get exactly what they want, whether its a little bit of beading on the bodice, rhinestones or some lace appliques, if its handwork, we can do it!

We always hear horror stories about the fashion industry and interns being treated bad, much like the movie Devil Wears Prada. But working in the KD Studio is the opposite! It's so relaxed and comfortable, and gives us all the experience we need to take with us into the real world of fashion. We are both fashion design students at John Moores Uni, so the skills we learn here also informs our work at uni too, and gives us loads of contacts and networking opportunities for the future.


Niamh and Heather


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